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Do you know the MAJA Youtube channel?

The best MAJA application videos of our machines are also available at Youtube. For example, the new MAJA image video! Please feel free to join us on a five minutes journey through the fascinating world of MAJA. Flake ice machines, derinders and skinners as well as highly technological meat portioning systems are developed, manufactured and distributed to 130 countries in the world. Come and see us!

Link: Get here to the MAJA Youtube channel


MAJA has many years of experience in flake ice production with alternative refrigerants.

There is an international scientific consensus that global temperature rise should be limited to 2°C in order to prevent undesirable impacts on climate change. The European Commission plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the industries by the year 2030 with 70 percent. No wonder, that this is a current topic in the refrigeration sector as intensively as the replacement of environmentally damaging refrigerant with ecologically sound alternatives.
MAJA therefore sees itself responsible, as an ice machine producer, to offer innovations that can be integrated into climate-neutral composite concepts. Already since 2008, MAJA took the lead with the RVH CO2-D flake ice machines, following a complete series of machines in this program with daily output ranging from 500 to 3800 kg. The machines are suitable for direct operation via a subcritical R744 composite system. Hundreds of machines have since been successfully installed worldwide, mainly in supermarkets in France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, but also in Japan. At this year's EuroShop, the world's flagship show for the trade, the R744 flake ice machines were the focus of the visitors' interest.
Especially for industries that require large amounts of ice and operate an ammonia compound system , MAJA offers the series RVH NH3-D with daily capacities of 7000 and 14000 kg. R717 has no negative effect on the degradation of the ozone layer, nor does impact the greenhouse effect.
MAJA strive to go even further and already offers alternatives to conventional R404A. The RVH standard models with daily outputs from 400 to 12000 kg can be also designed for use with environmentally friendlier refrigerants such as R 507, R407A, R407F, etc.
If you have interest in any of the environmentally steady ice machines for the production of flake ice with alternative refrigerants, do not hesitate to contact our specialists who are more than happy to assist you to find a suitable solution for your requirements.


MAJA is partner of the sustainability initiative BLUECOMPETENCE

In daily business, everybody talks about profit, yield and results. For MAJA, this is not enough as we think that the responsible use of resources, energy and nature concerns everybody of us. Also our customers treat more and more with such subjects. That's why the MAJA-Maschinenfabrik joined the VDMA's sustainability initiative BLUECOMPETENCE.

Protecting the environment with innovative technologies, conserving our resources, improving our quality of life and producing more efficiently: These are the objectives of BLUECOMPETENCE. For advanced machines, equipment and production processes make sustainability possible worldwide. Protecting the environment and sustainable acting are included in the MAJA quality management.

BLUECOMPETENCE concerns all current activities for sustainability and shows measures to act in a more ecological way, now and in future. This ambition begins for MAJA already during the development and the production of MAJA-machines in our facilities. But also when the customers plugs his MAJA-machine in his company, our technology must allow sustainable processes by reduced operation costs, energy efficiency and a long life cycle.

A MAJA product which perfectly meets with the BLUECOMPETENCE requirements: The MAJA Flake Ice Machines for direct operation with natural refrigerants and of course the machine range for the meat processing industry.

Link: Find here more about the VDMA project BlueCompetence.

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