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Anuga FoodTec Cologne 2015: Four successful show days for MAJA

From 24 to 27 March 2015, MAJA showed on a180 m² booth interesting innovations but also well-proven technology in the fields of derinding and membrane skinning, portion-control fresh meat slicing, robotics as well as ice production. Have a look at our video on the MAJA Youtube channel with the show highlights!

Link: MAJA at the Anuga FoodTec show 2015 in Cologne


Workshop for MAJA partners: presentation of the MAJA FPE portioning line for fresh meat

During a two day workshop in MAJA’s headquarters in Kehl-Goldscheuer, sales and service partners from Poland, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland got an impressive demonstration of the weight-controlled fresh meat portioning line MAJA FPE 155.

Since self-service fresh meat products have found their way into the food retail displays, the pressure on the meat processing industry has become stronger and stronger so that companies need to invest in more profitable production and processing methods.

The MAJA FPE 155 can help to automate the portion controlled slicing process. It increases not only the benefit, but also the quality of the production process and last but not least of the final product.

Since the end of the Nineties, the German machine manufacturer MAJA has developed, produced and distributed high-quality fresh meat slicing machines and portioning systems, which are in daily use by the meat industry all over the world for the production of ready-to-cook and self-service meat products. Thanks to the know-how and the long experience in the field of volumetric slicing, MAJA is able to offer with the FPE 155 line a unique portion-controlled slicing solution with direct infeed of the portions into trays.

At the beginning of 2013, the first MAJA FPE 155 line was started up in a brand-new meat processing plant in the South of Germany. Today, two MAJA portioning machines with conveying lines are producing there several tons of equalized self-service meat products every day.

A still more comprehensive line with four MAJA portioning machines including complete tray management and conveying line is now ready for delivery to a customer in Brazil. MAJA presented this line on 24 and 25 October 2014 to the 30 guests of the partner workshop. They have not only been impressed by the regular portion weight and the high quality of the sliced meat portions - an important aspect for the successful distribution of this kind of line concept on the global markets is seen in the fact that the customer gets everything from one hand: MAJA provides portion-controlled slicing with direct infeed into trays and the complete tray management until conveying to the tray sealing unit.


Do you know the MAJA Youtube channel?

The best MAJA application videos of our machines are also available at Youtube. For example, the new MAJA image video! Please feel free to join us on a five minutes journey through the fascinating world of MAJA. Flake ice machines, derinders and skinners as well as highly technological meat portioning systems are developed, manufactured and distributed to 130 countries in the world. Come and see us!

Link: Get here to the MAJA Youtube channel

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