SPA & wellness

SPA & wellness The cold refreshness after a sauna course!

During the last years MAJA flake ice machines have made their arrival in municipal and private saunas, saunas in hotels, in sport and fitness studios and also in private households with saunas. The traditional 'bath in the snow' that is common practice in Finland can be reproduced in an excitingly cold way. Especially leisure baths and extensive scenery swimming baths like to include the ice-cold refreshment into their programme of health spa attractions, as ice shower, ice well or only for the cooling down of the temperature in the cold-water immersion basin, everything at a reasonable price and energy-saving.

Flake ice machines

Flake ice machines A great 'refreshment experience'!
Numerous creative installation variations are possible. Many renowned sauna businesses have created an ice paradise for their customers together with the MAJA refrigeration specialists.z. B. als Eisdusche, als Eisbrunnen oder einfach nur als Kaltwasser-Tauchbeckendas mit Scherbeneis kostengünstig und energiesparend auf die erforderliche Temperatur herabgekühlt wird. Kein Wunder also, dass schon viele namhafte Wellness-Betriebe in Zusammenarbeit mit den MAJA-Kältefachleuten ein Eisparadies für ihre Saunabesucher geschaffen haben.