Kebab producers

Kebab Producers Cutting big meat plates, - e. g. from veal breast, beef flanks or pork belly needed by producers of gyros or kebap - can be done quickly and easily with MAJA cutting machines. According to the size and conditions in the production plants different machine configurations are possible, e. g. cutting machines with automatic return feed, up to line concepts.

Conveyorized derinding machines

Conveyorized derinding machines The easiest solution for meat plate slicing
With the standard MAJA conveyorized derinding machines meat and bacon plates can be cut up to a thickness of 8 mm – the ideal solution for small and medium sized factories.

Conveyorized slicing machines

Conveyorized slicing machines For big quantities of flat meat cuts
For plants needing to cut constantly big quantities of large meat pieces the best machines are conveyorized MAJA machines, txpe BXM K 1. These cutting machines with oversized work width enable semi-automatical operation as the raw material to be cut can be put on the return feed conveyors over and over again. Another solution is to use several machines in line in order to have a fully automatical cutting process. This MAJA technology is used all over Europe in market leading kebap factories.


Video meat slicing machine BXM 554 K1 slicing of meat plates

Video meat slicing machine BXM 554 K1 slicing of meat plates

Contents: Horizontal slicing of big meat cuts (such as beef brisket for kebab production). The not yet completely sliced original meat cut is returned to the operator through a feed-back belt for putting it again on the infeed conveyor belt. The final meat plates leave the machine through a laterial discharge belt.

Video Conveyorized membrane skinning machine BXM KR

Conveyorized membrane skinning machine BXM KR
Contents: Conveyorized membrane skinning machine type BXM KR for removing automatically the membranes of flat meat cuts