Automatische Selbstreinigung beim Scherbeneiserzeuger: purer Luxus??

MAJA flake ice machines can be automatically cleaned on the press of a button, if equipped with the patented MAJA-SCS self cleaning system. Verdampfer-Selbstreinigung MAJA - SCS . This allows your flake ice machine to be cleaned on a regular basis, ensuring germ reduction and descaling.
Is this extra investment really worth it, or is it just a luxury amenity that one can work without?
Even though modern flake ice machines have a hygiene -friendly design, allowing for quick and easy cleaning, the staff and working hours must still be scheduled. If the machine is not easily accessible (eg, in a suspended ceiling or installed on a silo ), a workload of up to one hour must be taken into account : The user must gain access to the flake ice machines, for example, with a ladder, remove pits, open the machine off, remove the components that have to be cleaned, clean with a detergent and then rinse thoroughly, reinstall all parts again and finally perform a function test.
Conclusion: If the machine has to be cleaned once per week, it takes an avera of a weeks worth of working hours per year to clean the machine
! If you wish to use this work time in a more efficient way, than you should go for the optional , patented self-cleaning system MAJA -SCS . What looks at first glance as a ' luxury amenity' will pay itself out after a short time .The cost of the MAJA-SCS self cleaning system for a machine that has a running time of 10 years, the cost for the self cleaning system for the month would be around 11 Euros *) beech, regardless of how often the ice machine would be cleaned.
*) The calculation is based on a MAJA Flake Ice Machines medium-capacity type RVH 1500, installed in a false ceiling.

Due to this self cleaning system, the production manager makes sure that the ice maker is subjected to the desired regular intervals, for a thorough cleaning and descaling as well as reduction of germs and bacteria. This can be documented accordingly to the hygiene handbook.

Important to be noticed for the MAJA -SCS option , is the fact that the water and citric cleaning mixture is dosed and consumed efficiently when the cleaning process takes place. An accidental overdose of the substance during the manual cleaning process is avoided, furthermore saving detergent nonetheless being also less harmful to the environment .

If the flake ice machine is equipped with the MAJA-SCS cleaning system, eventually if the machine would be resold the price of it would be higher. Regular cleaning ensures that the life of the machine is extended through the persistent cleaning and descaling of the surfaces.


Evaporator self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS

Evaporator self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS
With the evaporator self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS, MAJA can offer an additional plus-factor regarding hygiene. This option is recommended especially when the flake ice machine is difficult to reach for regular manual cleaning. A mixture from water and a special cleaning agent flows around all machine parts that contact water, thus cleaning, reduction of germs and deliming in one and the same operation. The cleaning cycle is started manually or fully-automatically by programmable Control Panel (option), with visualisation of the flake ice machine‘s hygiene status and user-definable operation and cleaning cycles.