MAJA-SCS self cleaning system for flake ice machines RVH 3000

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MAJA-SCS self cleaning system for flake ice machines RVH 3000

Patent-pending MAJA-system for fully automatic cleaning of the evaporation bin.
The claning and rinsing process takes about 90 minutes and can be started manually or by timer function. The evaporation bin is completely drained and then filled with a water / cleaning agent mixture. It is permanently circulated in order to make sure that all areas are reached that enter into contact with water. MAJA Flake ice machines can be supplied with the option MAJA-SCS. Thanks to the modular principle, later retrofit is possible, too.

MAJA-SCS self cleaning system for flake ice machines RVH 3000
MAJA ref. 030-0164
Notes Suitable for:
  • RVH 3000
  • RVH 3000 L
  • RVH 3000 LT
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    Evaporator self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS

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    With the evaporator self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS, MAJA can offer an additional plus-factor regarding hygiene. This option is recommended especially when the flake ice machine is difficult to reach for regular manual cleaning. A mixture from water and a special cleaning agent flows around all machine parts that contact water, thus cleaning, reduction of germs and deliming in one and the same operation. The cleaning cycle is started manually or fully-automatically by programmable Control Panel (option), with visualisation of the flake ice machine‘s hygiene status and user-definable operation and cleaning cycles.
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