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Scherbeneiserzeuger von MAJA bieten Dank eines durchdachten Hygienekonzepts mit diversen Zusatzoptionen ideale Bedingungen für die Herstellung von hygienischem Scherbeneis!

Scherbeneiserzeuger von MAJA bieten Dank eines durchdachten Hygienekonzepts mit diversen Zusatzoptionen ideale Bedingungen für die Herstellung von hygienischem Scherbeneis!

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MAJA GmbH & Co. KG | Hygienic flake ice production from 400 kg with HY-GEN | Download Hygienic flake ice production from 400 kg with HY-GEN | Download

Hygienic flake ice production from 400 kg with HY-GEN

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Hygienic flake ice production with the new MAJA HY-GEN line: See here in this video how easy it is to remove the newly designed plastics evaporation bin for manual cleaning. But that's not all: You won't find no integral built-in parts anymore within the water bath, which could make cleaning difficult.
MAJA GmbH & Co. KG | Evaporator self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS | Download Evaporator self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS | Download

Evaporator self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS

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With the evaporator self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS, MAJA can offer an additional plus-factor regarding hygiene. This option is recommended especially when the flake ice machine is difficult to reach for regular manual cleaning. A mixture from water and a special cleaning agent flows around all machine parts that contact water, thus cleaning, reduction of germs and deliming in one and the same operation. The cleaning cycle is started manually or fully-automatically by programmable Control Panel (option), with visualisation of the flake ice machine‘s hygiene status and user-definable operation and cleaning cycles.
MAJA GmbH & Co. KG | Advantages MAJA Flake Ice | Download Advantages MAJA Flake Ice | Download

Advantages MAJA Flake Ice

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Advantages of MAJA Flake Ice: The ideal solution for so many refrigeration applications in the food business, for example for the filling of fresh fish displays in the food trade, for producing sausage and dough products.... etc.
MAJA GmbH & Co. KG | MAJA Flake Ice application butcheries | Download MAJA Flake Ice application butcheries | Download

MAJA Flake Ice application butcheries

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MAJA Flake Ice used for sausage production: Fleisch Schwamm & Cie mbH in Saarbrücken (Germany) uses MAJA Flake Ice Machines type RVE 3100 together with a flake ice storage silo ITS 3250-90 K for three mincer carts. The ice flakers are equipped with the MAJA-patented evaporator self-cleaning system. That's how company Schwamm makes sure that the flake ice machines are cleaned thourougly at regular intervals, without any manual work. The necessary ice batches are weighed through a platform scale and then charged into the mincer.
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Trade shows

24 - 27 March 2015


Germany / Cologne

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21 - 23 April 2015


Belgium / Brussels

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Workshop for MAJA partners: presentation of the MAJA FPE portioning line for fresh meat

During a two day workshop in MAJA’s headquarters in Kehl-Goldscheuer, sales and service partners from Poland, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland got an impressive demonstration of the weight-controlled fresh meat portioning line MAJA FPE 155.

Since self-service fresh meat products have found their way ...

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Do you know the MAJA Youtube channel?

The best MAJA application videos of our machines are also available at Youtube. For example, the new MAJA image video! Please feel free to join us on a five minutes journey through the fascinating world of MAJA. Flake ice machines, derinders and skinners as well as highly technological meat portioning ...

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MAJA has many years of experience in flake ice production with alternative refrigerants.

There is an international scientific consensus that global temperature rise should be limited to 2°C in order to prevent undesirable impacts on climate change. The European Commission plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the industries by the year 2030 with 70 percent. No wonder, that this is a current ...

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MAJA is partner of the sustainability initiative BLUECOMPETENCE

In daily business, everybody talks about profit, yield and results. For MAJA, this is not enough as we think that the responsible use of resources, energy and nature concerns everybody of us. Also our customers treat more and more with such subjects. That's why the MAJA-Maschinenfabrik joined the VDMA's sustainability ...

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