Fully-automatic membrane skinning machine SR 500 A

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Fully-automatic membrane skinning machine SR 500 A

The SR 500 A is a new skinner generation for fully automatic membrane skinning of round meat cuts from pork, such as individual ham muscles, as well as from beef and veal with a max. diameter of 90 mm (3.5 inches). The pioneer patented MAJA technology offers: constant skinning rhythm at high skinning quality and increased product processing in connection with high efficiency by staff savings. Example: about 3.000 kg (6600 lbs) of pork knuckle can be skinned with excellent result, so that the follow-up quality control is minimal (for example with a manual membrane skinner type MAJA EVM 4004). Depending on the material's structure, the skinning cycles can be programmed individually.

SR 500 A with meat

SR 500 A with meat

SR 500 A deboning line

SR 500 A deboning line

Application example: pork topside with membranes

Application example: pork topside with membranes

Application example: skinned pork topside

Application example: skinned pork topside

Equipment & features

Continuous cleaning of the tooth roller by compressed air

The tooth roller is continuously cleaned from residual membranes through air blowing device; for a constantly perfect skinning result

Patented MAJA-system

For the development of MAJA skinning machines, we use almost 40 years of experience in the field of membrane skinning!

Easy handling

No need of qualified staff

Optimum hygiene conditions

Quick and easy cleaning, creating much improved machine hygiene (p. e. underframe is sealed and closed from the bottom)

Integration into a processing line

Solid construction

Developed for the industry's stringent requirements

Included in delivery

Name Notes
Membrane discharge conveyor belt
Fully-automatic membrane skinning machine SR 500 A
MAJA ref. 112-0033
Cutting width 499 mm
20 “
Width with adjustment handle/s 1318 mm
52 “
Depth with discharge conv. belt 3225 mm
127 “
Height 1690 mm
67 “
Electrical connection 2,0 kW, 3AC/50Hz/400V
2.68 h.p., 208-230/460v / 60Hz
Compressed air connection 4 - 6 bar, 3/8'' rapid coupling
Weight 750 kg
1650 lbs


MAJA GmbH & Co. KG | PDF-brochure SR 500 A | Download

PDF-brochure SR 500 A

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MAJA GmbH & Co. KG | PDF-brochure SR 500 A US-version | Download

PDF-brochure SR 500 A US-version

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MAJA GmbH & Co. KG | Printed advert SR 500 A (8/2009, 189x130mm, German) | Download

Printed advert SR 500 A (8/2009, 189x130mm, German)


MAJA GmbH & Co. KG | Press release SR 500 A (English) | Download

Press release SR 500 A (English)

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MAJA GmbH & Co. KG | Video Fully-automatic membrane skinning SR 500A | Download Video Fully-automatic membrane skinning SR 500A | Download

Video Fully-automatic membrane skinning SR 500A

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Contents: Fully-automatic membrane skinning of round pork cuts, ideal solution for industrial pork meat processors. The membranes are removed with minimum meagre meat for maximum yield.
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