MAJA employs in the headquarter in Kehl-Goldscheuer 170 staff in the industrial and commercial departments. Besides that, 12 employes work for MAJA in the subsidiaries in Omaha (USA/Nebraska) and in Strasbourg-Entzheim (France).

The MAJA team includes up to 20 apprentices who spend their traineeship at MAJA. In most of the cases, the MAJA-apprentices have very good prospects for an employment on a permanent base after having passed their exams successfully. Our top-performing and highly motivated personnel is our guarantee for the company's success, not only today, but also in future.

MAJA is continuously increasing its presence in the international markets. New technologies and innovations demand a very special know-how. For this reason, we are regularly searching for new staff.



Hermann Schill GmbH & Co. KG

Bernd Schäfer (Human Resources Manager)

Tullastr. 4

77694 Kehl-Goldscheuer / Germany

Phone +49(0) 7854 / 184-0