MAJA Flake Ice Machines RVH 6000 CO2

Technical details

Ice output approx.
7600 kg / 24h (317 kg / 1h)
16720 lbs / 24h (698 lbs / 1h)
Water consumption
7,6 m³ /24h
Refrigeration capacity required
to -25°C, 41,0 kW
1860 mm
1450 mm
586 mm
320 kg
Electrical connection 3AC/50Hz/400V/PE
0,52 kW
Special voltage
on demand
Water connection
Water supply: ¾'' external thread
Drain water 1'' hose clip
Self-cleaning system MAJA-SCS
see accessories & options
The indicated ice output is an approximative value (depending on installation conditions).
Water temperature +16°C (+60,8°F), ambient temperature +20°C (+68,0°F). Higher temperatures may lead to reduced ice output. Max. pressure: liquid side 90 bar, suction side 28 bar