Flake ice machines RVH-L with separate condensing unit (-15°C up to +38°C)

The product range of MAJA Flake Ice Machines with separate condensing unit includes a big variety of machine types with ice production of 250 up to 12.000 kg / 24 h.

Standard version 'L': with air-cooled condensing unit for separate installation
Version 'W': with water-cooled condensing unit
Version 'WS': condension unit for refrigeration by heat transfer medium or water; for a temperature difference tIN / tOUT of approx 5 K (tmin -8°C) Weitere More techniccal details on demand.

You can choose between two refrigerants: R404A (GWP 3922) or the more ecological choice R449A (GWP 1397).

Our refrigeration specialists will be pleased to help you to choose your best solution!