Flake ice machines RVH-LT with separate condensing unit (up to +45°C)

The product range of MAJA Flake Ice Machines in split version for separate installation of ice producing unit (rotating evaporator) and condensing unit is designed to provide indivividual solutions. A big variety of machine types is available, with ice production of 250 up to 12.000 kg / 24 h.

Standard version 'LT': with air-cooled condensing unit for higher ambient temperatures from approx. -15°C to +42°C with R449A (+45°C with R404A)
Version 'W': with water-cooled condensing unit
Version 'WS': condension unit for refrigeration by heat transfer medium or water; for a temperature difference tIN / tOUT of approx 5 K (tmin -8°C)

You can choose between two refrigerants: the more ecological R449A (GWP 1397) or the still available R404A (GWP 3922).

More technical details on demand. Our refrigeration specialists will be pleased to help you to choose your best solution!